Paintless Dent Removal PDReBook Features and Information

What does it cover?

The main topical chapter below typical have from a few to several sub-chapters. In all, it contains over 80 pages of information and hundreds of images and videos as well as illustrations. Here is a full list of features!

  • Chapter 01 Introduction to Paintless Dent Repair, History and the Context
  • Chapter 02 Quotations, Insurance Processes and the Customer
  • Chapter 03 The Paintless Dent Repair Business Plan and Setup Procedures
  • Chapter 04 Paintless Dent Repair Business Model, Planning and Operations
  • Chapter 05 Business Accounting, Advertising and PDR Software
  • Chapter 06 Paintless Dent Repair Business Management, Insurance and the Client
  • Chapter 07 Hail Dents, Estimation and the Dent Matrix
  • Chapter 08 Quotations, Insurance, the Customer and Communication
  • Chapter 09 Paintless Dent Tools and Lighting
  • Chapter 10 Remove and Replace Techniques and Procedures
  • Chapter 11 Introduction to PDR Techniques and Glue and Pulling
  • Chapter 12 Paintless Dent Repair Techniques, Leverage and Access Points
  • Chapter 13 Weather Forecasting Techniques, Hailstorms and Hailstorm Climatology