PDR eBook Full List of Features

PDR eBook

PDR eBook

The PDR eBook can be joined on www.pdrtraining.con.au which is the official website for the hands on paintless dent removal training.

The following are the chapters covered in the PDR eBook.

Chapter 1

PDR: An Introduction and Brief History
Overview of Paintless Dent Repair
PDR – The Context
Paintless Dent Repair versus Panel Beating Repair

Chapter 2

Insurance companies
Quotation and Insurance
Excesses and Insurance
Claims Process
Paintless Dent Repair Technologies

Chapter 3

PDR Business Planning
PDR – Operational Structures
PDR – Model Characteristics
PDR – PEST Analysis
PDR – SWOT Analysis
PDR – Total Quality Management (TQM)
PDR – Business setup
PDR – The Marketplace
PDR – Risks and Risk Management
PDR – Dealing with insurance companies
PDR – Building Relationships
PDR – Pricing Schemes and Quality Assurance

Chapter 4

Business Setup and Operation – Introduction
PDR Business Model I
PDR Business Model II
Business Setup Plans – The Premises Layout
Business setup – Preparing the Premises
Operating within the storm

Chapter 5

Business Accounting
Business Software I
Business Software I – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
Business Software I – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Other Commands
Business Software II Databases and Commercial Software
Reports Generation
Business Website and Advertising Management
Good Practices in accounting
Accounting Tasks for the business
Tracking Pending Payments, Rights and Procedures
Simple Accounting for the PDR Business
Simple Accounting Glossary

Chapter 6

Managing your customer base
Manging the Client Base – Insurance companies
Managing the client base – Other partners

Chapter 7

Introduction to Dent Estimation
Recognising Hail Dent Damage
Dent Estimator and Dent Size
Estimating Dent Depth
Limitations on PDR Viability
Dent Count and Categorisation
Understanding Panel Sections and Diagram
Understanding the Dent Matrix

Chapter 8

Quotation Process – An Introduction
Quotation Process – Liaising with the Customer
Quotation Process – Damaged Parts
Quotation Process – The Insurance Quotation
Quotation Process – The Calculation
The Quotation Process – Private and Car Yards Quotations
Quotation Process – Software Packages

Chapter 9

Picks – PDR Tools for Aluminium
Hand Tools
Glues and Glue Tools
Rods and Bars
Side Panel Tools
Whale Tales

Chapter 10

Remove and Replace – Introduction
Remove and Replace – Roofing
Remove and Replace – Wiring
Remove and Replace – Tailgate Procedure
Removal and Replace system

Chapter 11

 Glue and Pull Technique
Techniques Introduction

Chapter 12

The Big Dent Machine from Excel Tools!
Techniques – Blending
Leverage Techniques
Difficulty Factors
Access Points
Techniques – Finding the dent’s pressure point
Creases, Chips and Pushing
Heating Panels