About Us

The PDR eBook was spawned in 2009 by the lack of information of what was then a secretive paintless dent removal industry. Not only did nobody know much about it, PDR technicians hid the industry as well as their skills and their lucrative business concepts.

After many painstaking hours, weeks and months collating the information and putting into a book format, the PDR eBook was born! It is a book written about the industry itself, business set ups, structure, paintless dent removal skills, quotations, software and so forth as well as new emerging technologies. With over 90 pages of quite useful and often unique information, this is a must buy for any prospective future businesses.

If you are looking into opening up a business be it mobile or even management of PDR technicians, this is a must read. It is also important to be in the know about this quite seasonal but highly variable industry with its peaks and troughs in activity. Sign up for the PDR eBook today.