PDR eBook Online Paintless Dent Removal Book

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PDReBook only costs $49 for what you need to set up and paintless dent removal business! Welcome to the paintless dent removal eBook online – PDReBook! This resource was built to cover all of the various aspects of paintless dent removal or PDR from pushing dents to quotation to business setup. It also covers simplified business accounting and associated considerations of business best practices.

This resource was setup to compliment the paintless dent removal training course at www.pdrtraining.com.au. Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of useful information across the internet that can assist in paintless dent removal business setup information. Understanding the PDR business and associated industry is paramount to the success of such a business. It can take only one storm of heavy unnecessary risk and you could be in debt! Don’t make the mistake and try entering this industry blind – get dressed up with the right knowledge.

Why this PDReBook?

This PDReBook was written directly from within the storm setup. The whole set of resources and illustrations were put together over a two year period. From questioning to brainstorming and research, this PDReBook will save you the heartache of having to do research yourself or attempting to sift information from typically secretive PDR Technicians or managers. For a list of Features

How much does it cost and how do I join? This online eBook has a lifetime membership to new materials and only costs $49 !

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